Looking Back

Looking Back

The hotel Carlsbad Plaza celebrates 10 years

We are honored that together with you, we can celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

Thanks to a comprehensive, challenging and sensitive reconstruction we managed to change a   3 * sanatorium into one of the best hotels in the Czech Republic and indeed in the world, a fact proven not only by being awarded  the 5 * Superior certification, but also by the integration into the most prestigious hotel alliances in the world. From the outset, the goal of the entire team of managers and employees of the company Eden Group was to create a unique medical complex that provides its guests with both the highest possible and exclusive level of service with regard to traditional Karlovy Vary treatment and the latest technology. All this with a maximum focus on personal approach to each of our clients and with the help of a sophisticated quality control system. For ten years we have maintained a quality of service at the highest standards in the hotel industry.
All this is the key to success. Thanks to all that, we have managed to win the favor of more than 1,100 hotel guests who are now loyal to us and members of our Prestige Club, a whopping 35% of guests return to us regularly. To our delight these numbers are increasing year by year. Many thanks, therefore, belong first and foremost to all our regular guests, who are able to appreciate the uniqueness of the hotel's atmosphere, and the efforts and devotion of our employees, and we confirm their loyal annual visit, because they perceive our hotel as a second home.
Despite all the above, we still have many goals, with the understanding that we must not stop, even for a day. The modern world is evolving rapidly and every day brings something new, a new challenge. There is always room for improvement in everyday activities to ensure that there will not be even one dissatisfied guest. I believe that we will fulfill this complex task thanks to the diligence and dedication of each employee.
 Ing. Jakov Frenkel
Director General


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