Mighty Leaf: Harmony with a Call of the Wild

The brand of Mighty Leaf luxurious tea represents life style full of harmony and purity. The noble tea brand, popular for its variability of taste, appreciates the professional approach which makes tea-drinking ceremony a meaningful activity and thanks to which a normal day may change into a small holiday. Manually picked tea together with delicious natural ingredients combines uniquely quality with exceptional sensual experiences. It offers refreshing waking of all senses in the morning, rest in the afternoon and relaxation of a tired body and mind in the evening.

Mighty Leaf tea is closely connected with the wellness life style mission. The mixture of tea leaves is packed in pure cotton and unbleached silk, prepared for full expansion of its taste after dipping in a cup of hot water. The volume of tea bags is extra large not to obstruct the full extraction of all taste creeks of individual tea leaves. The elegant design of processed bags enhances the sophisticated mission of quality tea – drink it with love and find some time to enjoy it. Choosing Mighty Leaf as your silent and considerate companion anytime during the day means finding a faithful and reliable friend, interested to make you feel relaxed in its company and to get your mind into a peaceful and balanced state.

The Carlsbad Plaza hotel also appreciates the quality and prestige of Mighty Leaf. In La Bohème and Sorrento restaurants or in the Old Times and Lobby Bar and Bon Soir Café, we offer both tea leaves and tea bags of the green, black or herbal series.

Let all your senses enjoy the extraordinary luxury – let them indulge unforgettable aroma, taste and visual impression. You may choose from various flavours of the entire world – visit New York with Breakfast America, dance a Moroccan dance with Marrakesh Mint Green Tea, smell rain forests with Green Tea Tropical, let Japanese geisha comfort you with Kyoto Rice, or listen to the sounds of Africa with African Nectar.


Mighty leaf

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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