Minor aesthetic surgeries are in fashion!

The Carlsbad Clinic, the medicine and wellness centre in the annexe of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel, offers exclusive services of aesthetic medicine. This year the clinic has enriched its offer with the unique trend of modern medicine using latest knowledge in physics – the fraction CO2 laser.

The special stamping technology is a breakthrough with respect to the rate the laser affects skin, which thanks to progressive structure of the ray is two per cent only. Thus a rejuvenating aesthetic surgery is not only more effective and well targeted, but the time required for healing becomes shorter and skin regeneration is faster. The innovations are beneficial for discriminating clientele, because they enable them to undergo minor surgeries repeatedly and in shorter intervals and thus to achieve the desired look in a shorter time span.

Have a comprehensive beautifying cure during your stay in Karlovy Vary. Thanks to a new generation laser, the Carlsbad Clinic may offer immediate solutions of problems with scars, small wrinkles, red skin, big pores, acne, paleness and fadedness of face, as well as with burn scars, striae or uneven body skin pigmentation.

The fraction CO2 laser improves the skin quality very gently, but its use is much broader. Surgeons at the Carlsbad Clinic have also included the rejuvenating treatment of forehead, decolleté, neck and back of the hand in the portfolio of the luxury centre in Karlovy Vary. The fraction CO2 laser has also perfect effects in the treatment of birthmarks and removal of pigment spots.

The extraordinary look enhancing technology is currently very successful abroad. The Carlsbad Clinic is one of the first clinics offering this exclusive surgery in the region of Karlovy Vary. Come and use your private or business stay in our spa for intensive care of your body. Painless improvements to minor skin imperfections represent a revolutionary step in modern medicine. "One must suffer to be beautiful" will not apply any more. Have a unique minor surgery to see that the resulting effect will contribute to you maximum satisfaction.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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