Naturally younger

Experience an active and energetic later life by putting your health in the hands of an anti-aging specialist and return to vitality and youth.

Health care and a proper lifestyle from an early age is the basis of quality of life. This message is governed by Anti-Aging Medicine, a specialized branch of medicine that is based on the latest scientific findings and ongoing research and provides a complete and comprehensive program of modern diagnostic procedures and rejuvenating treatments aimed at all age groups.

Just as in a Los Angeles where for example Angelina Jolie suffers from 300 kinds of food intolerance, the A2C Clinic performs the world-renowned ALCAT test helping to solve many patient problems from excess weight associated with digestive disorders, headaches, depression, skin problems and lack of energy. The ever young Suzanne Somers recommends a bio-identical hormone therapy also available at the A2C Clinic. A comprehensive examination reveals any hormonal deficiencies and fluctuations in the body.

These days complex genetic testing is part of individualized prevention allowing to purposefully prevent various diseases and avoid unnecessary mistakes in treatment. A genetic test is carefully selected and examined by a team of researchers and specialists and according to the results leads to subsequent therapy.

Slowing the aging process from the inside so that the effect is visible externally, you get a Hollywood style cocktail of youth involving a specially created mixture of substances that has a high antioxidant effect on the overall regeneration and rejuvenation of the body. Your skin slowly becomes brighter, smoothened of small wrinkles, bags under the eyes disappear and a rapid reduction in the formation of pigment spots.

The only certified Anti-Aging Medicine A2C Clinics are located both in Prague city center and in the center of Karlovy Vary at Carlsbad Clinic. It will surprise you with its exclusive offers of rejuvenating techniques at a global level.


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