New at the Medical Spa Gallery: Modern and painless blood tests

The Medical Spa Gallery is constantly trying to modernize its equipment and expand the services it offers, allowing it to be proudly described as being among the leading spa and health facilities in Central Europe. Among a state-of-the-art portfolio of medical devices is a new blood testing device, a blood-AMP analyzer, which brings an entirely innovative approach to a detailed, friendly and above all an unprecedented examination of the human body.

The intelligent and highly advanced apparatus is characterized by its considerate approach to the patient – it is able to analyze blood and examine the health status of the patient without breaking the skin or losing a single drop of blood. The device not only provides basic information about blood count and biochemical tests, but thanks to more than a hundred indicators can assess the status of the circulatory and respiratory system and describe the functional ability of the kidneys, liver and brain. Measurements can also evaluate the status of the central nervous system and heart function. The apparatus is set to disclose the level of enzymes or cholesterol, a total of 117 parameters based on measurements on five so-called biologically active points of reference on the surface of the human body.

The examination is completely painless and lasts up to six minutes without leaving the slightest trace on the patient's body. Unobstrusive, delicate sensors are placed on selected locations of the human body to collect the necessary data. These are supplemented by the patient's personal data, the frequency of their breathing and heart rate. Only a few moments later is the data collected by the device, evaluated and displayed on a computer monitor. After a short and considerate examination the patient leaves with detailed results, thanks to which the patient may subsequently request a more accurate and detailed examination.

We believe that the device will help us to better diagnose your health problems, allowing us to treat you effectively, here, in Karlovy Vary.


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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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