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Legend has it that the Thai massage was invented by Buddha's personal physician, Dr. Jivaka Komarabhacca, who used his knowledge of the Indian 'Ayurveda' healing procedure and traditional Chinese medicine. It is also said that during his travels to Thailand he established four branches of traditional Thai medicine, one of which was the Thai massage.

Dr. Jivaka entrusted his learning and knowledge to a community of Buddhist monks supported by the Thai royal family, who passed the doctor's knowledge from generation to generation. The first official records of the Thai massage dates back to around 1830, when King Rama III approved the restoration of the Buddhist monastic complex Wat Po, which is considered the flagship location of the Thai massage. Thai massages continue to have significant influence on many traditional Asian nations, in combination with body work, yoga and acupressure.

You can also enjoy Thai massages right here at the Carlsbad Clinic at the Mystic Buddha Lounge. Native Thai women offer a range of treatments that help relieve stress, fatigue and spinal pain as well as muscle and joint aches. The offer includes a traditional Temple Thai massage, a shoulder Thai massage, a Thai fragrant aroma harmony massage, a Thai anti-fatigue foot massage, a Thai anti-stress herbal massage using warm canvas bags filled with aromatic herbs and grasses, and an anti-stress facial massage.

As a new product the new sensory aromatic nourishing and moisturizing massage Ritual Candle is now available. It combines the beneficial qualities of shea butter, almond and coconut oils and candles. The ritual takes place in three steps. With a slightly raised temperature the body undergoes the gentle application of light oil followed by cleansing by way of a pepper peeling process. The ideal candle is chosen according to your zodiac sign. The candle represents four natural elements - water, air, fire and earth - to stimulate, revive, calm, and relax the body. Heated oils are poured over the body for a gently massage or a deeper massage depending on the client's needs. Relaxing in a warm towel concludes the massage.

Enjoy other regenerative treatments, which make you feel youthful, in better shape and positive in body and mind.


Ritual Candle

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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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