Nonna Valentinovna Grishayeva

Nonna Valentinovna Grishayeva is ranked among the most popular actresses, singers and entertainers in Russia. Her home scene is the Vakhtangov Theater in Moscow, but she often works for Russian television also. "We are preparing a new project for the first TV channel just now. It will be called "Nonna, dělej!" The TV channel bought the show concept from the Germans and it was adjusted for me," smiles the pretty forty year old actress, originally from Odessa. It was in Odessa that she debuted as an actress, at the scene of the local operetta theater - she was barely ten years old. Besides singing, she studied dance. She is married to Alexander Nesterov, is raising a son Ilja with him and a daughter Anastasia from a previous marriage.

Nonna, I know this is not your first time in the Czech Republic. Have you also visited Karlovy Vary before?

I visited Karlovy Vary a year ago. I stayed at a four-star hotel. But my doctor, who has been travelling to Karlovy Vary for many years, told me:
"Nonna, please, you work hard all year long. Don't tell me that you cannot afford the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel? You really will enjoy it there! "So this time I have decided to stay here and now I can compare this visit to my previous visits to Karlovy Vary. I do not want to offend anyone, but the Carlsbad Plaza is the Carlsbad Plaza! "

What do you like about our hotel?

It has to be your 'Wellnessland', and its seven different kinds of saunas. I've really taken a fancy to your herbal sauna. But there is so much more I like about your hotel. I will come back to you every year from now on. I know I won´t find anything better. I also visited the Spa and the clinic, where I ordered different treatments in addition to beauty treatments and I was very pleased. I am also impressed with your Cleopatra bath.

If you had to characterize the hotel in few words, what would you say?

Luxury, comfort and kindness, which are not things a Russian in Karlovy Vary experiences frequently. When I leave the hotel, I feel a certain unfriendliness towards Russians. But this is not true at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

What about your career plans? Aren't you preparing a joint project with you husband Alexander Nesterov?

I have a number of other projects running besides the already mentioned project for TV. And I often cooperate with my husband. He sings, as I do, but I have to admit that he is far more professional than I am. We often meet at the same events.

What does happiness mean for you?

Harmony in all aspects. In the family and at work.


Nonna Valentinovna Grishayeva

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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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