Nordic walking: Health walks in the stunning Carlsbad scenery

Imagine a charming nook of nature, cozy forest trails, scenic lookouts and colorful pavilions with a lovely atmosphere. In Carlsbad, there is no need to give up your precious walks. The rich spa area boasts beautiful view-towers, breathtaking natural scenery and notable monuments, and the banks of the river Teplá host admirable sights, spa colonnades and attractive parks. Head toward attractive locations, set out with the field of spa treatments, conducted in the spirit of Nordic walking. Don't neglect strolls about the town or along forest paths, they will eventually reward you with a magnificent panorama.

Nordic walking is an increasingly popular sport and tourism discipline, originating from Finland, which in its training methods uses traditional walking in correlation with special walking support sticks. Its nature subjects the body to a complete and effective training which besides the beneficial physical effects influences the psyche as well. Sophisticated spa programs in Carlsbad Plaza ensures Nordic walking to be an option for our hotel guests, with complete walking equipment, basic map of walk routes, available in the rooms, or a complete narrative publication purchasable at the reception. For lovers of unconventional movement we also have an experienced guide who can plan appropriate health walking tailored to each candidate's needs.

The tradition of health walks has been common in Carlsbad for over a hundred years. Charming surroundings gave birth to a multitude of marked trails divided into three groups based on difficulty level. The easier ones include strolls in the historical town center or walks in the footsteps of healing springs, the most difficult trails follow forest paths, mapping the most important observation towers and view-points. Among the most popular classifies the nearly hundred year old view-tower Diana, a pseudo-gothic tower dated 1877 at the observation point of the king Charles IV or the Jelení skok view-point, which offers an alternative view of the spa colonnade. Enjoy the curative stay in Carlsbad, relaxing and being active. We will gladly recommend the best to you!


Nordic walking: Zdravotní procházky úchvatnými karlovarskými scenériemi

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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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