Our client testimonials on cryochamber treatment

"I inherited problems with joints that plagued me for many years, after completion of the entire cycle of 10 visits to the cryochamber the pain almost subsided. Thank you. "

"I tried cryotherapy purely out of curiosity, even though I am completely healthy. After only two sessions in the cryochamber I found it to be utterly thrilling and I immediately prepaid the remaining 8 sessions, therefore completing the recommended cure. Although I did not have any health problems, I now feel much better, both physically and mentally. I can recommend cryotherapy. "

Because I have long-term skin eczema, I decided to try, on my doctor's recommendation, your freezing therapy. A noticeable improvement was apparent after three days and after completing a one week cycle I felt much better. "

"My husband and I decided to stay at your hotel to try cryotherapy. At first I was a little afraid of this procedure because I don't particularly like freezing. When I overcame my fear I was glad I had tried these procedures, because I feel absolutely great. "

"I have been coming to your hotel regularly for several years and this year it is the third time that I've bought a package of cryotherapy treatments. Prior to these treatments I had very often suffered from different kinds of influenza and viruses, due to weakened immunity. Since the time I tried cryotherapy my immunity has significantly improved. I will always recommend cryotherapy. "


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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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