Our Concierge Recommends: TENNIS

Take a breath, hit a forward service and return with a backhand, chop the ball and score 15:0. Tennis is enjoyed by increasing popularity. This game of deterrence involving yellow tennis balls and a tennis racket is often referred to as a white sport. Perhaps you were lucky enough to sit in the stands of this year's prestigious tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon or the French Open, if so you would immediately understand that tennis is a very elegant game that is based on the power of impact and cleverly placed balls on the court. 

The history of tennis began in France in the 14th century under the name of "Jeu de Paume" (palm game), a game where the ball was hit over the net using the palm of the hand. In the 15th century, typically oval shaped small wooden rackets were introduced. The game known today as tennis comes from England. There are many tales regarding the origin of the name tennis, we have chosen the most likely. It seems that when the English took the game from the French, before each encounter the French would announce that the "Tennis", from Old French "Teniza" meaning “take and catch” would begin.

For more than a century now the game of tennis has been a very popular phenomenon in Karlovy Vary. This became evident with the construction of the hotel Gejzír in 1905, which boasted 6 tennis courts. Modern facilities for fans of the white sports were expanded over time and now Karlovy Vary hosts 16 courts, 2 of which are indoor. The popularity of tennis is evident almost everywhere in our spa town, so why not visit the aforementioned TC Gejzír, near our hotel, or for example the Lokomotiva complex, Starorolský tennis club and many others.

If you don’t miss this popular enthusiasm for the game and you want to actively improve your physical fitness and overall health of your body, the Concierge at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza will be more than happy to arrange a tennis court and a personal trainer for you. 


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