Our famous guest: Celeste Buckingham

A Slovak singer of  Swiss-American origin, was born 18 years ago in Zurich. Celeste Rizvana Buckingham is a finalist in the second round of „Czech Slovak SuperStar“ . From childhood she was taught dance and music,  and after the competition in 2012 she released her debut album Don‘t Look Back and the single RUN RUN RUN and rocket launched her singing career. She has been the proud recipient of awards for the MTV EMA Best Czech / Slovak Act 2013. Fans are going just crazy , this young lady has indeed a very promising career ahead.

How did you get into singing?
It's a long story , I've been singing since childhood , but I very quickly got into professional singing  after Superstar when I began releasing my own compositions . And then my greatest success came after the release of the song RUN RUN RUN .

What do you consider your greatest career achievement so far?
The fact that people like my music . Although I won some prizes and so far I have met many famous people from Slovakia, the Czech Republic , but also from America and I played at big events , but for me the most success comes when I sing at concerst and I see that my fans are singing with me.

Any new projects?
Now I live in America and study high school there, but I also work . Soon I will begin a U.S. radio tour and my song RUN RUN RUN will be the number one single in America.

What do you like most about your profession?
Travel. Even though it is very hectic and exhausting, I really enjoy flying around the world. And not just the world. I enjoy traveling to the Slovak and the Czech Republic. I am constantly in a car, you could say that at the moment I live in my car .

What would you say to our readers?
I'd like to get back to your hotel and to the city. I wish all readers of  the Carlsbad Revue magazine that they enjoy their stay at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza as much as I did. 


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