Our famous guest: H.P. Baxxter


The hotel Carlsbad Plaza was more than happy to welcome VIP guests, this time it was Hans-Peter Geerdes, frontman of the group Scooter, known primarily as HP Baxxter / The Freshman / The Mic Enforcer / Scooter. The group Scooter has been active on the modern dance music scene for over 20 years and has made only small changes in the cast of the band which continues to play until now and hopefully many more years. The blue-eyed H.P. Baxxter himself is known to be a enthusiast of old model cars and his fascination with Jaguar is infinite. What hits are worth listening to and how did Hans-Peter Geerdes get into music? Read the following interview with a VIP guest at our hotel.

Is this your first time to Karlovy Vary and how do you like our town?

Yes, this is my first time here. I have visited the Czech Republic many times, mostly Prague, but I’ve never been to Karlovy Vary before. Karlovy Vary is a very beautiful and modern town with wonderful old buildings. I've been walking through the city and had lunch, it's like an idyllic notion that changes in reality.

How did you get into music, how did it all begin?

Very early in life, when I was 10 or 11 years old, I had my first band in school, and already then it was clear that music would accompany me throughout my life. It was a long journey to the first successes however, and in 1994, the band Scooter began to flourish and I still enjoy being a part of it.

Where do you find inspiration for you music?

It's different, but the music that most inspires me is in clubs, which  somehow always influences me, and new trends too. Most importantly one must never stop searching.

Which hit was personally most successful for you?

There are many, however, everything began with the first hit, "Hyper Hyper" and, of course, followed by numerous other hits. An important song is "How Much Is The Fish", it's such a classic. Then, "Maria I Like It Loud", "Always Hardcore" and all the Jump style tracks.

Which was your favorite concert, the one you cannot forget?

Over the years we have had many exceptional experiences that will remain in our memories forever. For example, in Iceland, it is such an interesting island, where volcanoes are part of the landscape without trees, we felt like we were on the moon, and suddenly in the middle of nowhere there was a festival. It is such moments that we will never forget. In Mongolia it was also unique. In contrast, everyone was enchanted by the light and nature. Or on the other hand major concerts at major festivals in Hamburg, or on tour, bringing together all the fans from many countries, where the big arenas were sold out. In short, there were many moments and you cannot highlight just one.

What are your plans for the future?

We worked on the new album "The 5th Chapter", which was released last year. There was also a change in the composition of the group, Rick retired and Phil joined. We would like to go back on tour this year.



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