Our famous guest: Yulia Nachalova

Undoubtedly blessed with a great gift, her musical talents became clear from a young age. Yulia Nachalova was born into a family of musicians in 1981 inVoronezh. At the age of nine her triumphant appearances in TV contests had already decided Yulia’s future. Having won the Grand Prix at an international singing competition held in New York, her singing stardom began rising quickly. Yulia has already appeared on stage alongside Christina Aguilera and Diana Ross and is currently collaborating with renowned composer and producer Walter Afanasieff, who is known for his cooperation with such stars as Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.

1.   Why did you choose to stay at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza?
My parents had a treatment stay in this hotel a month ago and they cannot praise it enough. They were extremely satisfied throughout their stay. I therefore could not resist the temptation to come here and relax also.

2.   Is this your first time to the Czech Republic and Karlovy Vary?
This is not my first time to the Czech Republic, but I have never been in Karlovy Vary before.  I have already visited Prague during a tour of Europe. I was very surprised that, unlike other European countries, there is no language barrier. Everyone here speaks Russian.

3.   Can you tell us about your recent activities and plans for the future?
Last year I was preparing for a big concert that took place last autumn. The preparation was very challenging. I devoted a lot of time to detail, I am a perfectionist. I am not satisfied until all possible errors have been avoided. It was very challenging, so I am now enjoying some privacy and relaxation. I recently released the new bilingual album 'Nepridumanye istory', on which I worked with Walter Afanasieff. Walter received a Grammy for the song 'My Heart Will Go On ‘ (Celine Dion) and this summer we are going to promote my album in America - Los Angeles.

4.   What do you consider to be your greatest career success?
I think that for a creative person there is no “meta”, for which the person would like to achieve and then stop working. Such a person will always look for challenges and other targets. If I had stopped when I had reached my goal, then I would have stopped developing and I cannot imagine myself like that.

5.   What do you most like in your profession?
I like to finalize everything that I have set out to do. On the other hand I don’t like long journeys or changing time zones, it is challenging!

6.   What would you like to tell our readers?
I would recommend that they have treatment in Karlovy Vary. I myself have tested the effects of the local mineral water during the last few days and I am leaving with much better analysis results. In addition, I have visited your clinic (Editor's Note: Carlsbad Clinic). This is the ideal place where one can devote some time to oneself, you can forget all the negatives and soak up only positive energy.

7.   Would you recommend the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza hotel to a friend?
Definitely, “YES”. I am well rested and Karlovy Vary is a beautiful city. Next time I will come with my husband and daughter.


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