Pay a visit to the luxury world of sauna

Sauna is beneficial both for the body and soul of every person. Enjoy a special experience offered by the "Carlsbad Plaza" hotel. Clear your body of fatigue, harmful substances and stress. Each of the seven saunas offers something special and exclusive! Enter the unique spa of the "Alt Karlsbad" world with us and enjoy it.


Take pleasure in the relaxation sauna process which will warm your body up at the pleasant temperature of 38°C. The air in the sauna is saturated with intoxicating fragrant essences which will calm your body down. This sauna is good for people having problems with circulatory and locomotor systems.

Salt Sauna

Draw a breath and you will smell the sea. The hot sauna air reaching the temperatures of 38 – 43°C contains sea salt which will stimulate your respiratory track immediately and stir up your immune system. The Salt Sauna will ensure intense supply of blood to your organism and will alleviate your breathing troubles.

Herbal Sauna

Sage, rosemary and lavender will bright up your fatigued mind. Take a rest in the refreshing herbal sauna at the temperature of 38 – 43°C. Air humidified with steam and scented with a mixture of herbs will clear your body of symptoms of inflammatory diseases, flue and gloomy mood.


Let your muscles have a rest at the Laconium low temperature sauna (48 – 50°C). Dry and hot air will make your body eliminate undesirable toxic substances. Mild temperature will not burden your blood circulation, but will relax your organism.

Turkish Sauna

Welcome to sultry Orient! Wet air fragrant of eucalyptus evokes the tales of One Thousand and One Nights. Clean your entire organism carefully and stimulate your respiratory tract.

Finnish Sauna

Pay a visit to the traditional Finnish sauna. Cure your organism at the temperature of 80 – 90°C and humidity of 8 – 12%. After warming your body up, rinse the washed out harmful substances off your body with cold water. After having relaxed in a calm and peaceful relaxation room repeat the cleaning process.

Russian Sauna

Try the traditional Russian sauna and its effective rites. High temperature of air (up to 110°C), fragrant with fresh tree essences and high humidity (up to 50%) will clear you of stress and free your body of toxic substances.



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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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