Thanks to unique healing effects, peat baths have been known to people since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. Intense studies of biochemical properties of peat started in the second half of the 19th century and proved to be unquestionably positive for balneological use. Current peat balneo-preparations are used for various diseases and sports injuries in various branches from dermatology to cosmetics.

Peat is formed by a group of materials that are natural products of the earth environment and result from biological transformation of organic materials continuing for around 8,000 years. Salutary herbs, grass and flowering plants have gradually transformed into botanic mass which is nowadays used for peat baths.

Peat baths have numerous healing effects, such as:

  • Favourable effects on the human psyche
  • Treatment of diseases of the locomotor system
  • Treatment of the nervous system
  • Treatment of diseases of reproductive organs
  • Treatment of chronic prostate disorders
  • Rehabilitation after injuries
  • Favourable effects on skin
  • Slows down aging

Do not hesitate and try salutary effects of peat baths at the Carlsbad Clinic, in the unique and irreplaceable environment of a natural cave.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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