Prestige Club

Prestige Club

A sense of mutual trust and exclusivity

The greatest reward for our work is the satisfaction and enjoyment of hotel guests with the desire to return to our hotel again. The hotel Carlsbad Plaza greatly appreciates guests who repeatedly return and to these guests we express gratitude among other things by their membership in our VIP Prestige Club, which brings rewards in the form of exclusive benefits and attractive advantages.

Are you asking, what benefits the membership brings? First of all the VIP Prestige Club card allows you access to discounts on all services provided by Eden Group a.s., i.e. at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza, the private medical clinic Carlsbad Clinic and the Castle Spa. In addition, the card allows other benefits associated with your stay in Karlovy Vary, including the services of our main partners, such as jewelery companies, fashion boutiques of the world's leading brands, exclusive glass and porcelain manufacturers, automotive companies, and many others.
Introducing the different cards:

Silver card - entitles the holder to a discount of 10%, this discount can be used by anyone who submits the card. The card can be bought for € 750 or given as a reward for a payment in the minimum amount of € 7,500 for Eden Group services.
Gold card – this card is embossed with the clients name and entitles the holder to a 15% discount. The card is not transferable, but the owner can take advantage of discounts when paying for any account. This card can be purchased for € 1,000, or received as a reward for a payment in the minimum amount of € 10,000 for Eden Group services. The hotel currently has more than 900 holders of this card.
Diamond card - is only granted in exceptional cases to our regular guests who have long demonstrated their loyalty to Eden Group a.s. . To date more than 80 of these exceptional cards have been issued.
The benefits and advantages offered to our VIP guests thanks to their membership of our Prestige Club are still expanding. Discounts on our services or from the now wide range of our most important partners, or gifts on arrival and during their stay.
Since December 28, 2015 we have also added a range of services to the VIP Prestige Club Lounge, which is located on the second floor in the heart of the hotel and where our Guest Relations Manager can devote her time to you. On presenting your valid Prestige Club card, light salty and sweet snacks, a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, or newspapers will be made available to you in the lounge.
We firmly believe that our most loyal guests appreciate our efforts to give them a sense of confidence and individuality. Join the VIP Prestige Club of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and enjoy the feeling of exclusivity.


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