Psychological well-being thanks to aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine, Plastic surgery, Clinic Karlovy Vary
Aesthetic medicine, Plastic surgery, Clinic Karlovy Vary

Flat tummy, narrow hips and wrinkle-free skin is nowadays a norm which everyone wants to achieve. Unfortunately age tends to make achieving these norms of beauty a difficult task. Aesthetic medicine is proven to help and a wide range of aesthetic treatments and interventions are available at the Carlsbad Clinic.

Among the most popular treatments the clinic has to offer include removing wrinkles in the upper half of the face using Dysport - botulinum toxin, further applications of hyaluronic acid and other materials are used to fill wrinkles and folds in the lower half of the face, or to enlarge and model the lips. Aesthetic medicine also includes laser surgery that can quickly and elegantly rid the skin of growths. The entire spectrum of interventions are performed at the outpatient clinic, without the restrictions of spa treatments. Procedures are carried out by the respected surgeon, MD. Tomas Kupka.

The Carlsbad Clinic also has a modern well-equipped operating room, where it is possible to undergo many forms of intervention including plastic surgery.

Why not subscribe to peace of mind and help your body improve and remain healthy and beautiful? Visit the Carlsbad Clinic, where our specialist in aesthetic medicine would be pleased to communicate further information.

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