Rolls Royce....King of the cars ....


In the following lines we return to the beginning of the last century , when Mr. Charles Rolls and Henry Royce created the idea of a king of cars - Rolls Royce.

Charles Stewart Rolls grew up in an aristocratic family and studied engineering and was an excellent designer and avid racer, however  his love for cars and aircraft was fatal . In contrast, his partner, Frederick Henry Royce grew up in a family with five children and although his origins were not so great, he also studied engineering .

In 1904 a discreet advertisment for the first, simple and quiet Rolls Royce automobile was entered in the Autocar automobile magazine and in 1906 Rolls and Royce founded the company Rolls Royce Limited. Unfortunately, in 1910 Charles Rolls lost his life in a plane crash, however his contribution to the make of automobile was essential and undeniable.

What is undoubtedly a major milestone in the history of this prestigious automobile came about in 2003 when the introduction of the Rolls Royce Phantom was written into the memory of Rolls Royce fans, and a dream come true for Henry Royce. Henry said one memorable sentence : "I want to make the best cars in the world regardless of price , and sell them to those who appreciate quality products and are able and willing to pay well ." In 2013 the Phantom is celebrated its 10th anniversary since its first customer delivery and was followed by the introduction of the model RR Phantom Celestial. Sitting in the back seat of a chauffer driven RR Phantom Celestial you suddenly find yourself in a world of the most elaborate detail , superior work and comfort. In the world of Rolls Royce.

Among the latest news , however, is one of the twelve the Rolls - Royce Phantom Coupe 2013 , with a total of 453 horsepower. Amazing! Should you, hotel casino players and hotel guests wish to experience the true feeling of bliss and enter the royal world of RR , you will find a classy, branded Rolls Royce Casino Carlsbad Plaza parked in front of the hotel. 


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