Rum, the water of pirates

Rum, the water of pirates

Sugarcane, the basic ingredient for true rum. The history of rum is as colorful and varied as the inexhaustible variety of tawny shades of the different types of rum. Originally, rum was drunk by slaves on the sugarcane plantations, who left the cane to ferment into molasses from which alcohol was produced. Later, rum became popular with sailors and pirates alike who supplemented their fresh water supplies with the beverage. Eventually, rum, and its unique texture and flavor, captured the attention of the whole world.

Rum production begins by harvesting sugar cane. Because sugarcane is grown in many areas inaccessible to modern machinery, it is still reaped manually with the help of machetes. The cane is then processed in grinding machines allowing the release of the sugarcane juice which creates a molasses that is possible to ferment (conversion of sugar to alcohol) for 1-12 days. The last two stages of the manufacturing process are distillation and maturation, and are decisive in creating the final product. Maturation takes place in oak barrels, and thanks to this oak wood, rum gets its impressive color. The tawny shades of the beverage come in golden brown rums, white rums. To create white rum a short distillation process is followed by a short period of maturation. On the other hand, golden rum shades are produced by ageing in barrels for more than three years and heavy dark brown rums are aged for a period of up to 30 years and fermented for up to 12 days.

Among the best well known rums come from the Havana Club brand. Havana Club offers a wide range of fine rums, which can be enjoyed in the pleasant atmosphere of our hotel bar. Havana Club preserves its heritage and tradition of excellence thanks to the Cuban art of blending premium rums and skillful maturation. The long history of Havana Club Cuban rum can be discovered in just one glass of this sensually tasting rum. The bars of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza serve a wide and sophisticated range of leading Havana Club rums: Havana Club Anejo Blanco / Havana Club Anejo Especial / Havana Club 7y / Havana Club Gran Reserva 15y / Havana Club Selección de Maestro. For true connoisseurs we propose rare rums from Venezuela and Guatemala, which include the undeniable quality of Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, originating and celebrating successes not only inVenezuela, but also beyond its borders.Guatemala boasts the production of other famous rums such as Zacapa Zacapa XO and 23Y.

The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza invites you into its bars for pleasant moments in the company of a glass of premium rum.


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