Šárka Matějková: A small but significant piece of the mosaic that is the story of each guest

"Increasingly, I see familiar names on our list of arriving guests. They are guests who join us every year and are often members of our Prestige Club. It's always a pleasant experience to accompany them to their room and inform them of what changes and improvements we have made since their last visit. I must admit that such reunions are most cordial and that is what I like most about my job, "said Šárka Matějková, front office manager, who has worked for Eden Group for thirteen years.

Šárka began as a receptionist and worked through the reservation department which was followed by the position of Room & Spa Division manager. Then in the Summer of 2005 the opportunity to join the team preparing the opening of the luxury five-star Carlsbad Plaza hotel presented itself.

Šárka graduated from the hotel secondary school in Mariánské Lázně, and gained interesting experience working in hotels and restaurants from the Železná Ruda to Opava. She improved her knowledge of three international languages, Russian, English and German, and today this talent for languages is proving to be an invaluable skill at the main hotel reception of the Carlsbad Plaza. As a front office manager responsible for the perfect condition of the entrance hall and reception, Šárka tries to keep her team of receptionists and porters motivated, perfectly attired and in a receptive and positive frame of mind. Every morning she personally says goodbye to departing guests: "When a guest leaves happy, smiling, and intent on returning, it's proof of successful management and services. You realize that you are part of a well functioning team and are proud of their work. And we look forward to greeting our guests arriving today and we sincerely welcome you, "says Šárka Matějková.

Each new arrival, however, represents a lot of work – familiarizing ourselves with the specific wishes of each client, preparing a welcome letter, giving instructions for the preparation of gifts and making sure that the room is ready for the arrival of the guest according to his or her wishes. "Making the best possible first impression last, so that our guests feel tempted to return is a challenge for all of us," says the front office manager, introducing the work of her team."To meet the real expectations of all our guests and to comply with the standards of our work, requires sincere interest in the satisfaction of every visitor to the hotel and allows us to be a small but significant piece in the mosaic of the story of each guest, a story which takes place in the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.

Šárka knows that without her hard work and commitment she would be far from where she is today. Therefore, she tries to motivate her team and arouse the desire to grow and learn something new every day. Receptionists undergo language and professional skills training. Šárka is their mentor, coach, manager and role model, which is what professional staff appreciate above all else.


Šárka Matějková

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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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