Skiing in the Ore Mountains

Karlovy Vary is famous for its centuries-old spa traditions and annually hosts many international events and festivals. Although abound in immense charm, interesting history, marvelous architecture and magnificent surroundings, Karlovy Vary has other potential wonders to offer.

Surrounding Karlovy Vary are the countless hills and heights of the Ore Mountains. Are you an enthusiast of winter sports? If so, then you will appreciate the excellent conditions in the Ore Mountains. The mountain range stretches for 130 km, has a width of 25 km, and the highest peak Klínovec  is at an altitude of 1244 meters .

The Ore Mountains trail, which is maintained throughout its entire length, is an incredible 242 km long and is a huge attraction for lovers of cross-country skiing and runners who appreciate the fairytale valleys, lengthy snowy plains and majestic peaks. Therefore every trip through these mountains is an unforgettable and original experience.

Ski resorts with dozens of kilometers of snow-covered slopes to satisfy fans of downhill skiing and snowboarding are also located in the mountains. The hot news for this season is the construction of " Plešivec" ski resort, which when fully completed will offer 15 km of trails , 3 new modern ski lifts, 100 %  snow-covered slopes , a children's park and ski school , ski rental and service , ski bars and restaurants and of course free parking in the area.

Enjoy a beautiful winter day skiing in the Ore Mountains, where the sun stretches its long rays and snow glitters and sparkles giving the whole region a fairytale impression, and why not follow up your mountain exertions by treating your tired muscles to perfect relaxation in the Wellnessland or round off the evening by the fireplace in the hotel’s Old Times bar and absorb the extraordinary experiences of the day and share them with your loved ones and friends.


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The Ore Mountains trail, which is maintained throughout its entire length, is an incredible 242 km long and is a huge attraction for lovers of cross-country skiing and runners who appreciate the fairytale valleys, lengthy snowy plains and majestic peaks. Therefore every trip through these mountains is an unforgettable and original experience.


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