Sommelier brings new sensual pleasure

One of the most respected and reputable professions in gastronomy is the profession of sommelier, a specialist in quality of wine, master of excellent taste who can combine dishes with beverages to create unique harmonic combinations. His sensitive taste and smell capabilities, which a sommelier can use and reflect in the restaurant menu and daily offer, guarantee customers that they will get an exceptional intense sensual experience of food and drink. Genuine gourmets and lovers of smart taste variations will surely appreciate that they can meet a sommelier in our restaurants and bars of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel.

The sommelier not only tastes wines, prepares wine menus or gives advice on the selection of the best drink with magnificent dinner, light lunch or sweet dessert. The sommelier also works together with the chef on the preparation of the menu and looks after the wine cellar and its supplies.

Our new sommelier, however, will spend most of his time with you, dear guests of our restaurants. He will recommend you best wines with the meal you choose and will also add some interesting information about your wine. You may rely on his recommendations, because he has been studying wine for many many years and has achieved high education and ranking. He can recommend excellent quality and first-class taste, though influenced by your individual preferences. We believe he will not disappoint you. He is responsible for the full selection of all wine in our cellars, offering a wide scale of exclusive drinks of famous brands from all over the world. He loves his job and is honoured to offer you the best wines he may find. He also monitors latest seasonal wine trends, so he can also give advice on the choice of current trendy wine hits.

Visit the restaurants of the Carlsbad Plaza hotel to taste old wines with long wine-growing tradition, young promising brands or original wines pressed for special occasions. You will live an unique experience.



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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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