Sorrento Restaurant chef awarded with silver at the international gastronomy awards

At the end of last year, and after a four year break, the 11th Culinary World Cup was held in Luxembourg. The biggest culinary competition, comparable perhaps only to the gastronomic Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, presented the whole world's gastronomic elite, 26 senior and 10 junior national teams, including a team from the Czech Republic. The chefs competed in a series of group and individual categories, which included hot and cold dishes and confectionery.

For many years the Czech senior and junior teams have, on many occasions, been awarded medals for culinary competitions. A feat which was repeated again last year. The Czech team brought home two silver medals and thirteenth place overall.

The hotel Carlsbad Plaza also had a representative at the Culinary Cup in Luxembourg. The Czech Republic was represented in an individual category by Jaroslav Václavek, chef of the Sorrento restaurant at the Carlsbad Plaza. The prestigious culinary competitor brought home the silver medal and finished 36th overall proving his right to a place among the best cooks in the world. Now in the Czech Republic Jaroslav Václavek joins the Golden Olympic individuals discipline winner Radek David on the pedestal for outstanding culinary skills.

Jaroslav Václavek is a matador of international culinary competitions. At his first event in Salzburg, he immediately won a silver medal. In the late nineties, has won numerous gastronomy awards in the Czech Republic, the 2002 gold medal at the international competition HOGA in Nuremberg and the golden success was repeated two years later at the INTERGAST Championships in Stuttgart. In Luxembourg, he had already triumphed with a silver medal in 1996 and 1999 and had also won silver in Basel in 1996 and he took home a diploma from the Erfurt Olympics in 2000. Jaroslav Václavek belongs among recognized gastronomic commissioners and is a holder of a golden decoration of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová. Thanks to his career he has been able to travel to Thailand, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates. Today he prepares the daily menus for the Sorrento Grand Buffet restaurant.


Šéfkuchař restaurace Sorrento ověnčen stříbrem na mezinárodní gastrosoutěži

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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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