Spa Castle

Spa Castle - Magical Location of the Spirit of the Springs

According to ancient legend a mysterious spirit guarded and continues to watch over all of Karlovy Vary’s curative springs, protecting them from depletion of their resources. Despite the centuries negative interferences of natural elements the spirit of the springs lives on from time immemorial to its present location at the Castle Spa, where it is now commemorated in the center of the building by a symbolic stone relief monument depicting the spirits face. Accept our invitation to the original and magical baths and sample traditional Karlovy Vary treatment for yourself.

The Castle Spa, located in the heart of Karlovy Vary, will amaze you not only with its wide range of treatment programs and experiencing the ultimate in relaxation, but also for its charming architecture, which induces a particularly unique atmosphere demonstrating excellence throughout the spa. Thanks to the Upper and Lower castle fountains, which are directly linked to the spa, you receive complete care while having access to and maximum use of Karlovy Vary’s original curative thermal mineral water.

Perhaps you would prefer a classical massage that warms your body, reduces tension and promotes skin metabolism and blood flow or an Aroma bath that will undoubtedly help your skin and subcutaneous tissue. Select one of our spa packages where you can enjoy a perfect combination of various exclusive treatments along with entrance to the special thermal mineral water pool, unheard of elsewhere than in the Castle Spa.

Winter is here, so replace the spa forest walks with a visit to one of the most beautiful spa centers in Europe and spend a few pleasant moments in the Castle Spa.


Spa Castle - Magical Location of the Spirit of the Springs

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Published date: Feb 6, 2012

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