Spa packages: Step by step to health and beauty

The quest for health and beauty is now becoming a global phenomenon, our team of professionals create these desires by way of innovative practices and technologies, which combines time tested traditions and individual approach. You do not need to endlessly pursue these desires, it is enough to stay at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and select one of our spa packages. Welcome to the world of health!

The Diabetes Mellitus treatment package

For a person diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus we promise an unforgettable stay because we think of everything for you. Medical control upon arrival and departure, and continuous check-ups ensures that you literally receive tailored-to-fit spa treatment. Based on a special full board diet, where you can choose dishes from 3-4 menus, 36 medical procedures, water drinking cure, ECG, laboratory tests, including glycemic and morning measuring of blood glucose. In your leisure time you can relax in the hotel‘s „Wellnessland“, with swimming pool, whirlpool, acupressure, anatomical and mineral pool and last but not least 7 types of saunas. With this package you will feel pampered.

Spa Package with dietary catering and treatment

Many health problems are associated with some form of diet, and the Carlsbad Plaza hotel is prepared for such a situation. We provide a gluten-free, weight loss, diabetic, low cholesterol, gastric, pancreatic, liver or macrobiotic diet. Your chosen accommodation is supplemented with  full dietary board, examination and consultation with a doctor and complex laboratory or non-invasive blood testa. The spa package includes 18 treatments per week and free access to our „Wellnessland“, not only for the health of the body but also of the soul.

The weight reduction treatment package

The most widespread and insidious disease of civilization is obesity. The struggle with obesity takes a lot of human effort, hence the reason to select a treatment package designed to reduce weight and minimize the side effects of obesity, never take a step back, but at least one or two steps forward. Awaiting you upon arrival at the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza are medical examinations, laboratory tests, and an obesity measurement of basic physical components on a B.I.A. machine. A tailor-made catering menu will be provided, naturally healthy exercise in conjunction with  various forms of lymph drainage appliances is required. Ongoing check-ups and a final examination will clearly indicate your progress. Enjoy relaxing in the hotel‘s „Wellnessland“ and a fitness center with daily free entry is also at your disposal. All this will enable you to become a new person.



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