Spa Suites...a brand new phenomenal concept in treatment


Are you an enthusiast of luxury and the most lavish of spa treatment? If yes, then we present not only to you, but also to everyone else, the totally new and unique concept of an "All -inclusive SPA Suites "  therapeutic program at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza in Karlovy Vary.  We can reveal that this extraordinary and exclusive innovation will be available to guests of the Carlsbad Plaza in the spring of 2014.

And what does this exceptionally unique "All -inclusive SPA Suites" program consist of? Firstly, we must appreciate the constant strive to enhance spa treatment for our guests, the All -inclusive SPA Suites" program will allow our guests access to the highest standards in the sphere of global spa care. The Hotel Carlsbad Plaza has built completely new premises for these unique SPA Suites (medical apartments), the premises which covers an area of about 50 m² consists of en-suite rooms equipped with multifunctional bathtubs for all types of baths , a massage department, a relaxation area with deck chairs and a fireplace and TV. A wide range of medical treatments for two guests staying in a room category "suite“ can be carried out in these luxurious and comfortable SPA Suites and includes the additional convenience of allowing guests to reserve appropriate times suitable to their daily program.

All selected procedures including spa treatments prescribed by the doctor will be provided in the pleasant athmosphere of the SPA Suites, at your chosen time each day, with the utmost care of one professional worker and always in 2.5 hours durations from Monday to Friday.

A big advantage is the time saved, which you can devote to your family or yourself , and above all complete privacy. These extraordinary new " All -inclusive SPA Suites " are inspired by the latest global trends. The spa industry has now become an absolute phenomenon of our time, is constantly evolving, and thanks to the concept of Spa Suites provides the absolute summit of health care and an oasis of relaxation .

Experience this phenomenon , try a totally new and unique concept in healing in the comfort and luxury of the hotel Carlsbad Plaza.


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