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Professor Ericson was the first scientist in France to have used the method of cell therapy, a procedure which has its roots in Switzerland and is based on the use of cell extracts. This method and clinical approach became what is known today as Ericson Laboratoire Beauty Therapy.

Ericson Laboratoire uses the latest discoveries of science. Thank to the use of phytobiological, biotechnological and marine origin active ingredients, French Ericson Laboratoire medical treatment becomes exceptional and distinctive. Beauty therapy is a non-surgical method of skin care with obvious and lasting results. This treatment prolongs and perfects the results of cosmetic surgery. Ericson therapy is used both for the beauty of the body, as well as the beauty of the soul, boosting the relaxation experience has beneficial effects on the skin.

Come and see for yourself in the hotel's "Magic Charm - Beauty Lounge" beauty salon where skin cell care treatment is performed by qualified personnel. The salon staff can recommend appropriate treatment and professionally treat each client. Ericson Treatment can work miracles; the skin regains its youthful appearance and elasticity, slows down skin aging and minimizes its imperfections. Cosmetic products do not contain chemical preservatives, dyes or fragrances, therefore it is recommended for everybody.

Experts recommend the Luxury skin care product “Fresh Caviar” restores skin cells with the help of real sturgeon caviar. Your skin will be radiant and hydrated. Insulinol treatment ensures perfect body skin care. It is an innovative treatment which addresses problems involving cellulite and excess fat in the thighs and buttocks.

Be beautiful, be yourself, it's easy to visit the Carlsbad Clinic and be pampered.....


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