Staff party – for the second time

At the end of the year the second party dedicated to the hotel and the whole company's staff took place at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. The foundation of this tradition arose above all as an acknowledgement to all employees for the excellently done work during the whole year and that's why the announcement of the best employees of the year or the conferment of a status to the new employees are connected to this party.

As in the first year, this years event was taken in close hands by the company's management. The management presented itself in the roles of waiters and cooks while the employees could fully enjoy the client's role in the luxury hotel. The male part of the management additionally presented itself as an actors group and performed their premiere play with the title "Hi, mom".

The whole party took place in the conference hall Rockefeller, where a lot of selected delicacies were prepared. Several of the delicacies were made by the management members themselves. For entertainment and dance played a live music band so that amusement was insured.

As it is already tradition in the company, a collection was taking place during the Staff party and everybody could participate by buying a tombola ticket.

The guest of honour was the Mayor of Karlovy Vary, Mrs.Veronika Vlková, who was enamoured of this company's party and she wished the staff many more of those parties, which we firmly believe in.


Staff party

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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