Successful Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is not painful, but for the ones who suffer from this disease, it implicates a serious limitation and danger to life. 100 million of people all over the world suffer from diabetes. Its main cause is the inability of the organism to use or produce insulin. If diabetes is not cured, it may seriously damage the heart, blood vessels or kidneys, endanger vision or even lead to early death.

Treatment of diabetes has a long tradition in Karlovy Vary. Drinking from the mineral springs effects positively the production of pancreatic juices, insulin secretion and decrease of the cholesterol level. The stay in Karlovy Vary brings relief to diabetics and attenuates the symptoms of the disease, but can only be achieved if the cure is followed correctly.

The treatment program for patients with diabetes is also offered by the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. The minimum time for this treatment program of diabetes is 14 days, significant progress may be achieved after a three-weeks cure.

Besides the initial medical examination, the diagnostics during the stay includes the obligatory test of glycated haemoglobin and urine test for the presence of acetone and cetone substances, measurement of morning glycemy on an empty stomach, creation of a glycemic profile and other required apparatus tests. After the examination, on the basis of results and doctor's recommendations, a special program is determined for the patient, including an individual diet menu, physical exercise in the gymnasium and swimming pool, balneo-procedures and vacuum compression therapy. The diabetes treatment in the Carlsbad Plaza hotel also comprises cardiologic consultations, including EKG measurement, regular check-ups and consultations with the Spa doctor on a suitable diet.

Specialists in the Carlsbad Plaza hotel and Carlsbad Clinic have years of experience in diabetes treatment, gained both at home and abroad. To use their treatment program means to attenuate and cure diabetes symptoms reasonably, symptoms of a disease that may have so serious consequences.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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