Taťána Kuchařová

What brings you to Carlsbad?

"The Karlovy Vary Film Festival, as with every year."

Have you come to the IFF just for fun, or are you here on business?

"Fifty-fifty, but I have mostly pleasant duties. I came to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival, I've been to see a few movies, play golf, and of course I love to play tennis. "

For what reasons have you chosen our hotel?

"The hotel was recommended to me by a friend who, when in Karlovy Vary, spends as much time as he can at the hotel. "

Are you satisfied with your choice and what pleases you most about our hotel?

"I must say that I am very pleased with the hotel. The hotel is in the city center and you can find everything you need to rest. Massage parlours, Spas, you even have great sushi here, I did not expect to find anything like this in Karlovy Vary, I love sushi. You've got a great French restaurant, pleasant staff and an excellent chef, I am extremely satisfied. "

Do you find time to relax considering your schedule, or are you always busy?

"I have to relax and I like relaxing, I adjust my free time so that I can relax time, which is not much. One has but to rest, to find a balance between work and rest, so I can manage although its an ambitious agenda."

What do you like most about Karlovy Vary?

"I enjoy the festival here, the atmosphere and the spas and everything that comes with it. We've already had some procedures, massages, and I've also enjoyed the local Carlsbad countryside, which I love. "

Do you have some favorite places inVary that you like returning to?

"Carlsbad forests, for me they are wonderful places and of course the various pavilions that I see during my long walks."


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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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"Fifty-fifty, but I have mostly pleasant duties. I came to enjoy the atmosphere of the festival, I've been to see a few movies, play golf, and of course I love to play tennis. "


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