Thai massages

During your stay at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel we offer you all services at the highest professional level. They also include traditional, two and a half thousand year-old Thai massage techniques, performed by qualified masseuses from Thailand, who have qualifications from a Thai monastery. Thanks to rich experience and absolute knowledge of the body structure, they are able to free your body of fatigue, stress and pain. Moreover, Thai massages support the blood circulation and overall cleaning of your body.

Visit the Carlsbad Clinic and try the curative effects of Thai massages at our luxurious Mystic Temple.

NUAT traditional Thai massage

Nuat combines several elements of yoga, acupressure and meditation. The traditional method, well-tried through centuries, brings immediate relief. Relieve stress and pain in your ligaments, muscles and joints. Thanks to a balanced combination, you will become vital, relaxed and full of new vigour.

Thai massage of the back

Unique technique relieving backaches. Masseuses combine traditional massage techniques with special herbal ointments.

Harmonizing aroma massage

Lavender, rose wood, eucalyptus, mint. Relaxing and revitalizing aroma massage, accompanied by acupressure and reflex therapeutic techniques, connected with inhalation of aromatic oils with tinctures of red orange, sandal and jasmine.

Massage of feet and soles

Reflex therapeutic massage of legs connected with aromatic procedures on the base of oil with the content of thyme, manuka and lemon grass, and on the base of balm with eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and chestnut flower tinctures. It helps reduce the risk of diseases of civilization.

Herbal antistress massage

Ancient herbal massage using linen bags filled with a mixture of traditional herbs and aromatic grass, which are put on painful spots. The following herbal massage with jasmine, sandal and lime oil helps relieve muscle stress.

Massage with lava stones

Mystic Chinese aromatic massage, using heated lava stones and extracts of jasmine, sandal, lime, Morocco rose and rose wood for the massage.

Face antistress massage

Revitalizing, refreshing and fast-acting massage of face, relieving tense muscles and blocked cervical spine.

Your organism deserves excellent Thai care.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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