Thalgo: life-giving effects of seawater


The French “Thalgo” cosmetics range has transferred wealth and extraordinary diversity directly from the sea to their range of products for skin and body. Oceans cover three quarters of the Earth's surface and are an incredibly powerful source of nature, after all, life comes from the sea and it is something that Thalgo is well aware of. Awaken within the life of Thalgo.

HYDRATING RANGE  Source Marine with active ingredients “La Sève Bleue des Océans“
What constitutes youth? - Beautiful skin without wrinkles. Source Marine maintains young skin thanks to its excellent moisturizing and skin regeneration effect. Source Marine activates natural deep skin hydration through the active substance known as “La Sève Bleue des Océans“, which is extremely abundant in sea water, taken from the heart of the oceans, found directly on the seabed and flowing through sea rock. It is enriched by oligo elements, mineral salts, magnesium, silicon, calcium, potassium and sodium. Their purpose is to penetrate your skin with the most life-giving hydration while helping to strengthen the skin cell walls with “Candida Saitoana” extract that not only activates detoxification, but also captures and discards dirt.

Indulge in the intensive 7 day ABSOLUTE HYDRA-MARINE CONCENTRATE cure and watch your skin come alive again.

GOLDEN MASK wealth of your skin
Feel for yourself the absolutely, revolutionary and powerful effect that a golden mask can have on your skin. A luxury, facial, 24K gold mask treatment is truly exciting news in the world of innovative cosmetics. A cosmetics treatment that has had thousands of years to perfect and bring long-lasting effects. Your skin will be transformed as never before.


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I love to experience the the Thalgo, life giving effects of sea water. This is something that attracts many of your guests to your place. I had read testimonials for the same other times also. Thanks for sharing.


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Sea water is very good for the facial health. It removes all the dirt from the face and clean it. I would love to have a facial massage with this sea water.


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