The beauty salon Magic Charm

The beauty salon Magic Charm

New cosmetology instruments
Dear guests of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza and clients of the Carlsbad Clinic, we would like to take this opportunity to introduce several new and existing kinds of cosmetic treatments performed in our beauty salon Magic Charm.
Hydraderma Deluxe and devices from Guinot
For fifty years GUINOT has been caring for our youth and beauty, and continues to invent exclusive and revolutionary methods for skin treatment. Approximately 100 cosmetic houses worldwide, working with highly qualified cosmetologists and beauty products, use this brand. None of Guinot`s products contain parabens or genetically modified ingredients. The aim of all of their products is to maintain a youthful appearance of the skin. Even the most demanding clients trust Guinot cosmetics.
Lifting - treatment with visible results after first use (ionisation, lymphatic drainage, muscle stimulation, pure oxygen saturation, massage and mask)
Hydro-Derma a Hydraderma lifting in-one
Stimulation Lifting, a low frequency stimulation to reduce muscle structure, improve skin metabolism, improves distribution and the absorption of active substances. It is suitable for elderly and weakened skin.
Belle Femme, for smoothing facial wrinkles.
We are currently the only beauty salon in the Czech Republic to offer one of the latest developments of Japanese experts in the field of cosmetology technology, a new generation device.
One treatment effectively replaces the five steps performed on different devices:
1. Lifting
2. Myostimulation (micro current electrical stimulation)
3. Massage
4. Cryotherapy
5. Deep skin hydration
The device allows:
Smoothing out of wrinkles, whitening of pigmentation spots, improve skin turgor (structure and elasticity), brightening of the face and adds shine.
We would also like to mention the wide variety of treatments offered by the cosmetics company Ericson Laboratoire.
Supreme DHE.Age, intensive rejuvenation
The Supreme DHE.Age  cosmetic program is designed for women age 40 and over, for the prevention and intensive care of aging face and neck skin. A key component of intensive rejuvenation is diosgenin, a plant analog hormone DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), derived from wild Yamu (an Asian root vine).
Cosmetic products are enriched with bio-lifting agents, phytoextracts and vitamins that have a restorative effect on mature skin. They revive and strengthen skin, accelerate skin regeneration and reduce the amount of wrinkles and their depth.
With age, the body suffers from hormonal changes and hormone deficiency, because of this an important part of the overall rejuvenating treatment is to use the appropriate additive enriched medicated patches. These patches contain diosgenin and balanced vitamin and mineral agents to properly regulate changes due to age inside the body and solve the general problem of physical decline associated with aging.
The skin becomes supple and radiant again. Do something for yourself, look healthy and beautiful. Our clients definitely can and should avail of this exceptional treatment, you deserve it.
After the first treatment, you will already see improvement, and leave us with a smile. In the days to follow the effect will only grow.
Your Magic Charm!



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