The beneficial effects of bathing in the unique Castle Spa (Zámecké Lázně)


Travel with us to the 14th century to the time of the Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV, after whom Karlovy Vary bears its name, to the place where he bathed his sore legs in the mineral water of one of Karlovy Vary‘s hot springs. You will witness something that has, over centuries, become a time perfected and recognised cornerstones, a world phenomenon with many hundreds of years of tradition - the first healing bath in the history of Karlovy Vary.

A visit to the world-renowned spa town of Karlovy Vary would not be complete if your limbs don‘t feel the beneficial effects of our mineral baths, therefore accept our invitation to the Castle Spa which is undoubtedly the traditional spa symbol of Karlovy Vary and where we provide  numerous types of medicinal baths.

Feel the chemical, thermal and mechanical effects on your body when in a mineral bath that is suitable for the improvement of functional disorders of the digestive tract via the autonomic nervous system and the release muscle tension. The mineral water has a very pleasant temperature of around 37 ° Celsius, the skin will be completely warmed up and supplied with blood.

Enjoy slightly cooler baths in  35°C water where the mineral water is saturated with carbon dioxide and thus provides the body with the power to combat cardio vascular disease.

The best known and most popular spa procedure is the whirlpool (pearl) bath, which has a positive effect on the central nervous system and for maximum effect and bathing pleasure herbal ingredients are added to the water. Lemon Balm, with its pleasant scent, Lavender  to strengthen the nervous system, Wildflowers to support the metabolism, Eucalyptus to stimulate and liberate the airways, Rosemary to improve blood circulation in the limbs, and last but not least, Citrus to stimulate the whole organism.

For each of us self-awareness is a must, an awareness that man is not a machine. Treat yourself to rest and relaxation, give your body the necessary energy, appetite and enthusiasm for life, treat yourself to a relaxing healing bath and feel the beneficial effects of tradition proven over time.




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