The Carlsbad Plaza’s golden keys

Almost every five-star hotel boasts a reasonably prestigious concierge service that meets the wishes of respected guests and tries to reach out in all respects to meet and ensure absolute comfort during their stay. Being a concierge is an extremely prestigious matter and demands the constant provision of a perfect service, professionalism, impeccable manners and politeness, understanding guests requirements and ultimately being a magnificent representative of the hotel. The concierge can normally reserve tickets and arrange transfers, book restaurants, as well as recommend trips and tours to interesting sites, places and shops, and give tips on cultural and sporting events in the area.

The beginning of professional concierge services is associated with the growth of international tourism in the early 20th century. Europe's most visited hotels in Switzerland at that time were the first to offer this service which was then known as a 'Porter Hall' service, and involved taking care of guests throughout their stay, a concierge at that time could also ensure the provision of horse-drawn carriages!

In October 1929, the then concierge of the Ambassador hotel, Pierre Quentin met with other Parisian concierges and founded the international association known as Les Clefs d'Or (Golden Keys), which now consists of more than four thousand concierges from 37 countries worldwide. Since 1954 the organization has as its logo two crossed gold keys, which is now the emblem worn on concierge uniform lapels. Among the hotels that can boast membership of Les Clefs d'Or are for example: Ritz in Paris, Sacher in Vienna, Waldorf-Astoria in New Yorku, The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Brenners-Parkhotel v Baden-Baden and others ...

The Czech Republic has also been a member of this prestigious "Golden" organization since 1991. Until last year, only the most luxurious hotels in Prague could boast membership of Les Clefs d'Or. However in the autumn of 2009 Robert Hudec of the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza applied for membership and met the demanding conditions of the organization. In October 2010 he became another respected member this prestigious international concierge association. The Carlsbad Plaza is now the only hotel outside Prague to boasts membership of Les Clefs d'Or. In February of this year the hotel hosted the first 2011 meeting of the association.

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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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