The Chef’s invitation to the Sweet Orient Restaurant Japanese Shabu Shabu

Dear guests, culinarians, gourmets

let me invite you to savor a unique specialty, which can only be tasted in the newly renovated and stylish Sweet Orient restaurant in the Hotel Carlsbad Plaza - the Japanese Shabu Shabu dish. Prepared for you by Chef Keosouvanassan Khamteum Keny and his excellent culinary team. Every bite of Shabu Shabu will awaken in you a distant scented passion flavored with exotic spices and the igniting essence of hot peppers.

Shabu Shabu is a Japanese specialty inspired by ancient Mongolian cuisine, whose origins go back to the 13th century. Shabu Shabu is a traditional way of cooking food in one container and originates from an ancient military solution whereby the commanders order their soldiers food to be cooked in one pot thereby creating an efficient system which fed the soldiers nutritiously and helped conserve fuel. Soldiers regularly gathered around the big pot of boiling water into which they would put their food rations to be cooked, the resulting broth could then also be consumed. This innovative method of cooking eventually became known by the more appropriate name – "Shabu Shabu" which is said to mean "splash splash".

Not only can guests savor the delicious taste of Shabu Shabu, but also experience the truly non-traditional style of serving and eating such delicacies. We are pleased that we can now offer Shabu Shabu on the new Sweet Orient menu.

Prepare yourself for a dish full of authentic Japanese hot dashi broth, with which will serve the marine algae, a bowl of selected Asian dish noodles, thinly sliced ​​meats and fresh vegetables. It is up to you, what delicacies you wish to accompany this tasty broth with and to concentrate the many wonderful flavors will offer a wide variety of great sauces.

I look forward to seeing you in our Oriental restaurant which is always full of unique flavors!

Lukáš Paluska
Executive Chef


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Published date: Aug 9, 2011

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