The Chef's receipt

Dear guests and gourmets,

Allow me to make a short trip with you to the far-away asian countries by taking you to the Asian restaurant Sweet Orient!

The Chef Mr. Keosouvanassan Khamteum Keny rules in this gourmet restaurant and he is very delighted to prepare various specialties, after which you can scent the spices and peppers of asian countries.

Kai Ke Shu

Cut washed, fresh chicken chest into soft noodles, slightly salted, and let it rest a while at room temperature.

Cut into soft noodle bell peppers, white mushrooms, young onion, garlic. After clean cauliflowers and split it in smaller parts.

Let warm up a Wok (or a heavy cast iron pan) on an intense fire; add a spoon of sunflower oil in which the chicken noodles will be roasted.

After the chicken noodles have coloured, add into the Wok, still on intense fire, all prepared vegetables and continue roasting.

Add peeled cashewnuts to this roasted mixture, a bit of sugar, fresh crushed pepper and finally very fine cut red chili.

Pour a mixture of poultry consommé, dark oyster and light soya sauce and warm up all together.

Finally thicken the mixture with a mixture consisting of potato starch and cold water.

For better taste add salt, sugar and serve with fresh cooked jasmine rice or Asian noodles.

And now, enjoy your meal!

Lukáš Paluska
Executive Chef
and his team


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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