The Chef’s Recipe

The Chef’s Recipe

Braised beef neck with caramelized onion

Do you love good food and beverages? Of course, who would not? A visit to the French restaurant „La Bohème“ at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza will literally make you lovers of really good food and drinks. Forget all your previous dining experiences, what awaits you here, is something you have never experienced before. Executive Chef, Mr Lukáš Paluska, will take us closer to one of the recipes on the new menu of the French restaurant „La Bohème“. Welcome to our regular column, The Chef’s Recipe.
You know that feeling you get when you have the opportunity to cook with the freshest and finest ingredients? Cooking is a joy in itself. Let's get together on this.
Tie a roll of beef neck with string and enhance it‘s taste by gently rubbing spices, salt and freshly ground pepper into the meat. Complete the preparation by placing root vegetables such as  carrots, parsley, celery and shallots at the base of the beef neck before the roasting process begins.
Firstly however, fry the meat to a dark golden color, and after adding a teaspoon of tomato paste, moderately place into red wine, then let boil. Once boiled, pour on a strong beef broth and return the beef neck to the baking pan. Cover appropriately and roast for approximately 3 and a half hours to soften the meat.
When the meat is roasted, remove it again, we can now transform the excellent base into a perfect little gravy with the assistance of a dark stock and soft butter.
It's now time to devote effort to our onions and oyster mushrooms. Peel the onions, fry in butter until soft and set aside with a pinch of sugar caramel. Tear the oyster mushrooms into large pieces and ...
........lets not divulge the whole secret. To experience our exceptional combination of Black Angus beef from the Ore Mountains, accompanied by slightly sweetish young onions and the distinctive taste of healthy mushrooms come to the restaurant „La Bohème“.
Executive Chef, Mr Lukáš Paluska and his whole team sincerely wish you " bon appétit!" 


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