The Chef’s Recipe

The Chef’s Recipe

„Ceviche“ of Tuna and Marinated Salmon

As children we have all probably stood at the kitchen worktop and watched our mother’s hands working to prepare meals, the taste of which we will never forget. Well, we have a surprise for you; let’s take a glimpse at the work of our Executive chef Lukáš Paluska  in our regular „The Chef’s Recipe“ column. This time we will introduce a „Ceviche“ of yellowfin tuna and marinated salmon, complemented by a soft grissini.
There are no fish meats more popular than that of tuna and salmon. Yellowfin tuna, whose meat is used in the following recipe, lives in most tropical and subtropical oceans, it is an excellent swimmer and it is therefore not surprising that it ranks among the fastest fish in the oceans. Another ingredient is salmon, and not only does it rank among the best tasting fish in the world, it also counts among fish species whose meat provides the best nutritional value. In any case both fish taste great and are pleasing to the eye with their beautiful red and orange-pink color.
Access to the recipe itself:
From a fresh fillet of salmon we cut away the upper part, we are left with a salmon sirloin. Then cover this piece with a robe of sliced fresh ginger, finely chopped lime zest, sugar and salt. Leave it all together in a cool place to marinate for 24 hours after which time we cut the now marinated salmon into thin slices.
The next step is to prepare the tuna. Cut your tuna into the smallest possible cubes and perfect the result with the help of freshly ground pepper, salt, finely chopped shallots, leaves of fresh thyme and a drop of refreshing lime juice, then mix and leave for 1 hour in a cool place.
The tuna „Ceviche“ is served on a plate using a circular shaper, garnish with delicate slices of  salmon and soft grissini. It is a light appetizer, a blend of tender fish onto which we put the finishing touches, a smooth sauce, the recipe for which we will not give you.
The resulting flavors of the „Ceviche“ of tuna and marinated salmon with it‘s secret sauce can be discovered in the French restaurant La Bohème located inside our hotel.
 Executive chef Lukáš Paluska  and his great team wish you "Bon appetit."






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