The Chef‘s Recipe: Confit of New Zealand lamb with saffron potato croquette

You are now reading our regular and favorite article, The Chef‘s Recipe. By way of these regular articles we introduce a delicous culinary speciality from our Executive Chef, Mr. Lukáš Paluška. An insight to some of the secrets of the culinary arts, learn about the ingredients as well as the resulting dish. 

So without further delay let’s delve into the preparation of delicious New Zealand lamb from the newly created menu of the French „La Bohème“ restaurant.

  • Cut a shoulder of lamb into cubes, fry vigorously and set aside. Add chopped carrots, celery, onions to the meat dripping and fry until they reach a beautiful golden brown. Return the lamb cubes to the pot, pour meat stock over the entire contents and gently simmer until completely soft. Subsequently mash the stewed meat with a fork and pour off the resulting irresistable, tasty and aromatic juice.
  • At this point we introduce the lamb shank, which we prepare in the same way, however this time do not mash or slice the meat , leave it in its natural integrity allowing us to keep all the flavor and aroma. Lightly season and refine with French nut butter.
  • Boil potatoes in cream containing a few sprigs of saffron, from which after cooling and with the help of eggs, salt and freshly ground pepper we can nicely shape croquettes. You can either bake them it in the oven or after coating with bread crumbs fry in hot oil.

The basis for serving lamb is always a pre-heated plate, on which we put lamb confit to decorate the lean piece of lamb shank. Finally add the saffron-colored potato croquettes.

Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska and his entire team cordially invite you to an unforgettable taste experience in the „La Bohème“ restaurant and recommends spinach and Brussels sprouts to accompany your lamb. With lamb these vegetables generate an even greater enjoyment of delicious food and create the perfect interplay of flavors not only for your taste buds, but also an interesting color composition.


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