The Cult Danesi Coffee

Danesi Coffee appeared in Rome for the first time more than a hundred years ago. Since then it has been justly considered as one of the best coffees with unique taste and aroma. During the existence of the Danesi Caffé company the technology of the coffee production improved constantly, but always in accordance with strict criterias which had to insure the maintainance of the quality attained at the time that the company was founded by Alfred Danesi.

The country of origin of Danesi Coffee is Italy where coffee is a part of life, especially of the Romans. Cafés are usually family business and preparation of espresso and original recipes of coffee drinks pass from generation to generation.

Italian coffee connoisseurs agree that the taste and aroma of espresso depend on four M+A

  • 1M - MISCELA – good-quality mixture of coffee beans
  • 2M - MACCINAZIONE – perfect grinding
  • 3M - MACCHINA – top technology (coffeemaker)
  • 4M - MANO – skilled hand of the barman

Danesi Coffee mixtures and best technology with well-trained personnel promise unique experience. Our Bon Soir Café and Lobby Bar are ready to prove anytime the truth of those statements!


Kultovní káva Danesi

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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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