The Head Chef's Recipe: Parmesan pie


Head Chef Lukáš Paluska and his top team one again present one of the delicacies which they prepare for guests. This time it is a „parmesan pie filled with chicken fricassee and onion marmalade”. In the following lines you will find the preparation of this delicacy explained in all its glory.

The parmesan pie is prepared using fine flour mixed with finely grated Parmesan cheese, a pinch of sea salt and softened butter. A subsequent amazingly smooth batter is produced thanks to the flour, butter and the chef’s skillful hands.
Cut fresh chicken breast into strips, season with salt and the stronger aroma of freshly ground pepper. Fry, and simmer in cream, add a preferred quantity of leek to the mix then add salt and herbs. You can add fresh herbs to the chicken fricassee to intensify its aroma and thus enrich the dish with fragrant essential oils.
For the onion marmalade use diced onion and chopped fine shallots. Saute the diced onion using virgin olive oil, season with dark balsamic and leave to cook.
Make a pie base by using the parmesan dough and fill layer by layer. First onion marmalade, then chicken fricassee, cap the pie using more batter. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees until golden brown. The result is a classic refined taste and looks delicious, be sure to sample!

Chef Luke Paluska his team this time invites you to the "Bon Soir Café" where you can enjoy a savory pie. "We look forward to your visit and, and ‘Bon appétit!.’


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