The Spa resort boasts an art nouveau horserace racing track

Carlsbad is a pearl among Czech spa towns. In addition to the development of original therapeutic methods and exclusive dining and accommodation capacities, the picturesque Carlsbad resort is also determined to boosting above-standard leisure activities to please demanding domestic and foreign visitors. Leading projects are certainly classified as social events organized at the Carlsbad racecourse, including international horseracing competitions.

The Carlsbad riding club was founded as early as the 19th century, when the city experienced the spa golden age with a tremendous response from visitors all over the world. The spa visitors' requirements, however, have been rising together with the increased prestige of the spa resort, so the city decided to listen to the numerous voices and built a racecourse in Carlsbad. The project was prepared by the Viennese architect Alfred Bayer who invited racetrack inspector H. Slavkovský to participate. The ceremonial inauguration on June, 30th 1899 was accompanied by enormous public interest. The twentieth century, however, wasn't very generous to the racecourse. The first years of World War II pushed it in the path of decline, as it began to serve as a military training facility. In 1946, the racecourse was fortunately obtained by the Jockey Club, which had governed it successfully until 1989. The revival of the racing tradition only happened during the transition between the 20th and 21st century.

In 2003, the City Golf & Racing Club company took over management of the racing department, expanded the service portfolio of the racecourse by extending it with a prestigious golf course and adjusted it for the organization of interesting social and cultural events of considerable importance. The historical link between horseracing and spa locations has an exceptionally attractive environment in Carlsbad - the art nouveau grandstands and period track design maintain the atmosphere of past times.

Be sure not to miss the regular world-class horseracing competitions during your Carlsbad visit, where besides excellent riders you will also meet prominent representatives of Czech or foreign policy and culture.


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Published date: Aug 15, 2011

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