The story of Becherovka

For two hundred years of its existence, Becherovka has been awarded numerous awards. But do we all know the history of the famous thirteenth spa spring of Karlovy Vary?

In 1805 the english Dr. Frobrig visited Karlovy Vary and took a room in the house named "U Tří Skřivanů" where pharmacist Josef Becher had its renowned pharmacy. They became good friends soon and spent most of their time in the Becher's pharmacy. When Dr. Frobrig left Karlovy Vary, Josef Becher found a note on one of his recipes: "I am fairly satisfied with it". Josef Becher worked on the recipe for two years to bring it to perfection and in 1807 original liqueur supporting digestion, named Carlsbader English Bitter, came into world.

Johann Becher, Joseph's son and successor, was the proper manager of the recipe and an excellent businessman. He had a new factory built and in 1876 he started to use original flat bottles which have been used since then. Then, at the end of the 19th century, Gustav Becher, Johann's son, had the brand of Johann Becher registered.

In 1907 Becherovka celebrated its centenary anniversary. Grand Duke Ferdinand Karl was one of many distinguished congratulators on the occasion, he conferred the title of C.K. Chamber Supplier to the Bechers. Fifty litres of Becherovka was delivered to the imperial court every month.

During World War I Becherovka flourished in fame thanks to regular supplies of Becherovka to the Army. At that time a special flask with a cup at the lid emerged, its parallel has been used up to now. Becherovka also survived World War II when it was drunk on both sides of the front.

After the war the original Frobrig's recipe fell to the state. The current company owner is Pernod Ricard, a French concern and the third largest manufacturer of spirits and wine in the world.

Hotel Carlsbad Plaza highly appreciates the tradition and beneficial effects of herbal liqueur on human organism and therefore every hotel guest will find a bottle of Becherovka in his or her room as a gift.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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