Traditional spa treatment at the Castle Spa

The Castle Spa has been the pride of Karlovy Vary from time immemorial. Its historical narratives were written as early as 1909, when the project was begun by Friedrich Ohmann, and resulted in the creation of the Castle Colonnade in 1911-1913. A fundamental change and adaptation took place at the Castle Spa in 2000 when as a comprehensive medical center was opened. The center is dominated by a decorative roundel inspired by ancient architecture, a mysterious legend of the Holy springs and unwavering traditional spa treatments.

The Castle Spa provides a wide range of treatment programs from individual to week-long treatments. Allow us to introduce these programs to you.

The shortest program at the Castle Spa is the “Relax” program, it is an individual treatment involving the use of a thermo mineral pool and one minor procedure. The “Wellness Program” requires being at the Spa for 2 hours and includes 1 major and 1 minor procedure. Visits of 3 hours and more allow access to the “Classic” program. For those of you who come to our spa town for traditional treatment programs we recommend our “Superior” or “Superior Aroma” programs. You will definitely not be disappointed with this option, as during the 4 hour program you will not only receive a full body massage and aroma massage, but also a pearl or mineral bath and 2 minor procedures of your choice.

Did you come with your family and do you have young children? Children from 3 years of age are warmly welcome. In this case, you will find the “Family” program an ideal choice. Clients with demanding lifestyles will definitely appreciate the “Weekend” program or weekly outpatient treatment whereby during the two weekend days you can visit the Castle Spa for 2 x 3 hours and have 2 major and 2 minor procedures. The weekly outpatient treatment program includes a spa physician examination and 5 x Classic program and 1 x Relax program.
The Castle Spa is a unique treatment center where you can indulge in royal relaxation in mystical surroundings that will give you a zest for life and renewed energy. You need only choose one of the programs that suits you best.


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