Traditional spa treatment: Indications and contraindications

Without doubt, this, the first edition of the 2015 Carlsbad Revue must contain our uninterrupted regular feature "traditional spa treatments," in which we try to explain the beneficial effects of many spa treatments. The following lines may be perceived as a little unusual as we'll also tell you what treatment indications and contraindications are.

The unique properties of Karlovy Vary thermo-mineral spring water and it‘s wide range of uses in traditional spa treatment define the methods of it‘s use. The most common indications, for which Karlovy Vary is famous, include diseases of the digestive tract. Did you know that the famous herbal liqueur Becherovka, often described as one of the healing springs, was once exclusively used as a gastric drop medicine? Or that drinking cures were always prescribed for diseases of the digestive tract, knowledge that is accredited to Dr. David Becher, without whom, to this day we would not know the potential of drinking 3-5 liters of water. For more than 650 years, the traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment had to find it’s own course.

Other indications are diseases of metabolic disorders, treatment of oncology patients, periodontitis, neurological diseases and musculoskeletal diseases whose treatment was made famous in the late 14th century by the founder of the city, Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV., when he bathed his aching legs in spring water.

Spring water, warm and hot healing springs are very tenacious and the source of their overall usage corresponds. The vast majority of traditional spa treatment procedures are associated with the water itself and its temperature, therefore a large extent of diseases are incompatible bathing in higher temperatures. To list some contraindications: acute infectious and communicable diseases, epilepsy, alcoholism, drug addiction, bleeding, severe mental disorders, parasitic diseases, clinical signs of circulatory failure, conditions after deep thrombosis, conditions after superficial thrombophlebitis, cachexia, malignant tumors, urinary and faecal incontinence, pregnancy.

Feel free to try the healing properties and unique characteristics of Karlovy Vary thermo-mineral springs your self and become part of a more than 650 years enduring traditional spa treatment.



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