Traditional Spa Treatments

Traditional Spa Treatments

Treat yourself to comprehensive physiotherapy treatment

The Karlovy Vary springs are steeped in many traditions, one of the most important being traditional Karlovy Vary spa treatment. Let us now, together consider one of the many treatments that this broad concept encompasses - physiotherapy treatment.
Comprehensive physiotherapy treatments are provided at the hotel Carlsbad Plaza. Prefessional physiotherapists initially carry out a kinesiology analysis, which examines the status of the spine, joints and muscle groups of each patient. According to the findings the therapist suggests a short-term rehabilitation plan composed mainly of physical exercise lessons, supplemented by additional procedures to enhance the desired effect. Exercise is focused on the release of spastic muscle groups, strengthening weakened muscles and, ultimately, to increase physical fitness.
Individually, it is recommended to perform physical training exercises in water, which not only relieves stress areas, but also increases the intensity of resistance. In addition, the aquatic environment has a very positive effect on the human mind. To enhance the effect of the excercise lessons, soft gymnastics techniques are used, which help to relax stiff articular connections and increase the range of joint mobility, followed by a reflexology massage in which the therapist massages sensitive pressure points along the spine which also affects the activity of internal organs.
A Therapy Master machine can also be used for comprehensive physiotherapy treatment. With the help of this system hinges and pulleys can relieve various parts of the spine and extremities. When we talk about comprehensive care, physiotherapy uses all possible means to improve the condition of the client. Carboxytherapy, the application of medicinal CO2 under the skin in acupuncture points, is also recommended to create effects of muscle relaxation and improved bloodflow to problem areas.
Put yourself in the hands of our physiotherapists, whose mission it is to relieve pain and restore normal body function.


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