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Obesity is one of the most frequent and insidious civilisation diseases. It afflicts both women and men of any age, and according to the data of world physicians, more than half of people living in the western part of the world suffer from obesity. Its most frequent causes are excess consumption of food or unbalanced intake of calories, insufficient exercise and irregular nourishment. Other causes include genetic predisposition or serious diseases or disorders, such as depression, hypofunction of thyroid gland or hormonal imbalance.

Obesity should not be underrated. It affects the state of health of every obese individual negatively and may lead to cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attack or apoplectic stroke. Drastic slimming diets will help in the short term, but it is the specialized aid that will advise you how to change your life style effectively and what dietary programs you should prefer that will bring desired results.

Most frequent diagnostic methods enabling to determine obesity consist in the calculation of BMI ("Body Mass Index") or subcutaneous fat measurement. The hotel Medical Spa Gallery in cooperation with the Carlsbad Clinic offer a set of examinations together with a complete program comprising successful slimming methods - a special "Weight Loss Package" - to all people desiring to enhance their fitness and to improve their state of health. Apart from medical examinations and laboratory tests, the curative set also offers untraditional examination with concrete results and check-ups by an obesitologist, using the B.I.A. device, development of an individual dietary program, numerous options of slimming diets in the form of a menu with four meals, lymphodrainage and large selection of further 45 procedures.

You may book the Weight Loss package, which will affect your health and approach to nourishment and responsible life style drastically with the minimum effective length of stay of 21 days at the Carlsbad Plaza hotel. Our team from the Reservation Department will provide more details at or at the phone number: +420 353 225 502.

Do not hesitate to use the advice of qualified specialists and solve your health problems.


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Published date: Aug 8, 2011

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Other causes include genetic predisposition or serious diseases or disorders, such as depression, hypofunction of thyroid gland or hormonal imbalance.


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You may book the Weight Loss package, which will affect your health and approach to nourishment and responsible life style drastically with the minimum effective length of stay of 21 days at the Carlsbad Plaza hotel.


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