Under the Chef's Lid Beef Stock

Under the Chef's Lid

Beef Stock


Strong and really good beef stock is the pride of every chef. This classic recipe makes high demands on preparation time, but the result is an almost medicinal extract from fresh ingredients. Beef stock is simply a phenomenon of honest cuisine worldwide. Come to the kitchen of Chef Lukáš Paluska, look inside and soak up the unmistakable aroma. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of preparation itself.

Ingredients for the preparation of the Chef's stock:

  • 600g beef bones,
  • 100g carrots, 70g celery, 70g parsley,
  • 20g mushrooms
  • 30g leek, 50g tomatoes,
  • 2pcs allspice, 10 whole peppercorns
  • 2.5 liters of cold water

First bake the beef bones in a preheated oven at 240° after 15 minutes add the chopped vegetables to the bones and continue to bake. The time of baking depends on how dark we want the stock to be. A longer baking time will make the stock darker.

Put the baked ingredients into a pot and add enough cold water, bring abruptly to a boiling point and then turn the flame down to a minimum. Keep in mind to remove the foam from the surface, which is created by the precipitation of proteins. Season the stock with allspice, pepper and salt.

Let the stock only simmer slightly throughout the entire time, we cannot cook it too abruptly, it would lead to a cloudiness of the stock. Let the soup, so to speak, drag for approximately 6 hours. It is important that we do not cook the stock with a closed lid, because it would result in cloudiness.

At the end strain the stock through a sieve, into which we put a soft cloth. We leave it to flow freely, and if necessary, season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Add fresh chopped root vegetables into the prepared stock. Maybe add some liver dumplings? These are prepared from blended bovine liver mixed with flour, egg, garlic, pepper and salt.

Enjoy cooking beef stock by the Chef's recipe. Executive Chef Lukáš Paluska wishes all cooks and connoisseurs: "Bon Appétit!".


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