Untraditional celebration of the 3rd birthday of the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel

On the twelve of February an extraordinary event was held in the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel – our hotel celebrated its birthday. With the celebration, we finished the third successful year which meant numerous new clients for us and convinced our guests that we are able to offer them what they request and are able to fulfil even the most exacting demands.

We organized the February Gala evening rather untraditionally, not as opulent as in previous years – which is normal in times of a global financial crisis. Everything started with a decent invitation which was sent to our dear guests – business partners from travel agencies and political celebrities from the Region of Karlovy Vary. Instead of a luxury invitation for a wealthy reception, they received only a plain typed leaflet, inviting them for a party at the Carlsbad Plaza Hotel. When the guests arrived to the party, they were welcomed by a sign at the entrance door – "Hotel for sale", and other signs, such as "Lifts out of service" or "Bar closed". Ladies in ball gowns and gentlemen in expensive suits touched glasses filled with "Fanta". Many of them must have felt like in a bad dream. Instead of a large offer of delicacies, the visitors could taste open sandwiches or canapés and meat bones and drinks from plastic bottles, everything decorated with wilt flowers. Instead of posh social conversations and dancing, the visitors could play party games at which the winner received snacks and food from the buffet. When it seemed that some guests were ready to leave, the general manager entered the hall...

... and told them what was going on. The guests could breathe a sigh of relief and accept an invitation to the Old Times night club and adjacent salons, where an amazing surprise was prepared for them. A rich buffet table, with selected specialties such as oysters, lobsters, sushi and other delicacies of the hotel cuisine, delicious drinks and good entertainment, including for example a charming illusionist were presented. And the real party started in great style, which one will keep in mind for a while.

During the evening we awarded the ones who we should never forget – our partners. The agencies Terma Travel, Vizit Europe and Jason Travel became the most successful partner's award in tourism of 2008. We also assessed the best Guest Service quality – the winner is Ms Jiřina Sopkuliaková from Terma Travel.

We thought of the ones who needed a helping hand during last year and so we presented several checks during the Gala evening as well. We donated a check of CZK 30,000 to the Maternity Centre Karlovy Vary, represented by its chairwoman Věra Bartošová. It was mostly our employees that contributed to the sum. We also sent a check to Old Peoples Homes in the Region of Karlovy Vary via the manager of the Region of Karlovy Vary – PaedDr. Josef Novotný, namely for twenty-seven TV sets.

The guests left the party satisfied and with pleasant feeling that the celebration turned out well this year. We were happy that we could contribute to a good thing. I wish the hotel much success and many satisfied clients for the years to come.


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Published date: Aug 7, 2011

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